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Industrial Freezer

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Prix : 2000-5000USD

Industrial refrigerator, also called industrial refrigeration machine, industrial chillers, low temperature refrigerator for ultra low temperature lab freezer, The temperature range of an industrial refrigerator is generally lower than that of -20, or even lower. It is suitable for blood station, hospital, health and epidemic prevention system, scientific research institute, electronic industry, chemical medicine, biological engineering, high laboratory, military enterprise and so on. Because the required low temperature is relatively low, the consumption of power is larger. Industrial refrigerators because the required temperature is low, the refrigerants at different temperatures are different, so that it is suitable for various applicable environments. Industrial refrigerators generally use a single overlay refrigeration technology to make refrigeration, the effect of refrigeration is better, the noise is smaller, and the maintenance is more convenient.

How to detect the industrial freezer pump

Industrial freezers are a type of professional refrigeration equipment widely used in domestic industrial production. In industrial freezers, the normal operation of pumps is very important to ensure the normal operation of industrial freezer equipment. It is very critical to carry out the test of industrial freezer pump regularly. Then, how to reasonably evaluate and test the condition of the industrial freezer water pump? Then, Guanya Refrigeration will give you relevant introductions.

The condition of the industrial freezer water pump affects the overall operation of the industrial freezer equipment to a large extent. When the industrial freezer is in operation, the pump is in operation. Check carefully whether the work of each instrument is normal and stable, and pay special attention to whether the current meter exceeds the rated current of the motor. If the current is too large or too small, the pump should be stopped and checked immediately.

In addition, the pump-related operating system of industrial refrigeration equipment can better reflect the working status of industrial refrigeration equipment. For example, whether the flow of the water pump is normal or not, check the water flow of the outlet pipe, estimate the running time of the pump according to the change of the water level of the pool, and contact the dispatcher in time. At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the pump packing plate is hot and the dripping water is normal. Every class must not be less than eight times.


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Industrial Freezer

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