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Auto air filter-jieyu auto air filter-the auto air filter customer repeat order more than 7 years

auto air filter-jieyu auto air filter-the auto air filter customer repeat order more than 7 years

The crudely made and fake products truth in auto air filter industry.

Auto air filter is a old industry. Now there are about more than 1000 filter factories in china. Serious excess production capacity and homogenization of products resulting in vicious price competition in the market, the result is Fake and shoddy, crudely made and copycat smuggled goods. Many filter manufacturers are very small workshop style, production conditions not complete, detection means backward even no inspection. They used inferior filter media, the filter efficiency is not up to the standard. PU adhesive not good also, the bad flexibility can not provide effective sealing. No quality inspection in the process of filter production and finished filters. this kinds of auto air filter be sold to the market at a same price as the good one. So current domestic market is in chaos. consumer can not distinguish the good filter manufacturer from the bad one.

1. Customer first care about the auto air filter price. Because air filter have its own value, although customer hope the price as cheaper as possible Under the premise of ensuring quality and service. But if the air filter price is too low, it against the law of value, there will be the risk of using inferior materials and turn out substandard goods

2. Does the high air filter price did not have the risk of using inferior materials and turn out substandard goods ? No. They are smart than the consumer. They know too low price will lead to consumer do not believe them at they sell the poor quality with high price. If customer just compare the price then you fallen into the trap.

you should check the raw material. For example good filter paper is about 25000 RMB/Ton~30000RMB/Ton but for low quality filter paper price is 12000/Ton~15000/Ton

3. Good filter paper is neat, smooth, waterproof . the pleat is uniform and compact. Paper with high stiffness. the bad paper color is not consistent. Paper with fluff ,don't waterproof or water-resistant performance is poor, when in humid conditions in paper easy to be broken then the auto air filter lost it's filter using

The bad one with peculiar smell, when you fold the filter , the auto air filter with good polyurethane soon return to the original position and shape after the release, the bad one with poor quality PU will have obvious trace in the middle of filter or even crack because of the folding

4. Workmanship of the high quality auto air filter is beautiful, pay more attention on the detail, but the crudely made and fake filter is obvious bad. Except the Appearance,

The most important air filter efficiency need Professional instrument to test

This is the truth of crudely made and fake auto air filter. Jieyu filter supplied air filters to Top 500 air filter customer repeat order more than 7 years. have many loyal customers and more and more customers come to choose Jieyu Filter, why? Because

1. Jieyu concentrate on engine filter raw material more than 20 years, OEM filter production more than 10 years. Customer Repeat order lasting more than 7 years.

2. Filter quality is approved by the European and American market

Many of customers are the industry leaders in their line.

3. Filter media all adopt high quality filter paper or nonwoven, the filter efficiency is higher than others. One pieces worth three pieces.

4. The tolerance for Polyurethane adhesive height can be +1mm, minus 0mm. the tolerance for Polyurethane adhesive hardness can be ± 5

5. Focus on detail, the Appearance of filter is beautiful.

6. OEM Quality, Aftermarket price, Excellent value for money.

7. Have thousands model of filters cover air filter cabin air filter and oil filter.

8. ISO 9001: 2008 certificated

9. Have Inspection Room and test equipment, from raw material to finished products strict quality control through every step of production.

10. R&D team, Team core staff with more than 10years experience of filter industry. Offer technical service and support to customers, develop new products according to customer requirement.

11. Responsible for filter after sale. 24 hours response mechanism to hear customer voice.

You are the most reliable filter supplier, we trust you. one of our Janpan customer said. Every year they place 100000 pcs of air filter orders to us.

In 2015 AAPEX show, our oval air filter attracted many visitors attention. The high quality and good looking let customer thumbs up to show appreciation.

Customer trust and recognized our automotive filter quality and production technology, like one USA customer every time they paid much freight cost and tariffs send their raw material to us by air let us to produce the filters for them.

We are not your only choice but your most correct choice.

auto air filter-jieyu auto air filter-the auto air filter customer repeat order more than 7 years

Localisation : Chengguan Industrial Area, Qinghe County, Hebei Province, China, 054800 Qinghe,
Personne à contacter : Ann Zhang, 86 311 67308981

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Auto air filter-jieyu auto air filter-the auto air filter customer repeat order more than 7 years

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