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Azdome GS63H best dash camera with gps

Quantité : 1   Prix : US $99.57 - 128.91

Ultra 4K HD Resolution : Distinguished from the other 1080P DVR, our Car DVR provides high video resolution up to 2880x2160 P at 24fps and 1920x1080P at 30fps in video resolution. Cooperate with the 150 degree Wide Angel and F1.8 with a large aperture, providing less blind spots, achieving better image quality, nighttime performance and crystal clear recordings. Enjoy your trip with much more security.

B UILD-IN WI-FI / GPS : You can download the "lerccenker" App from your smartphone for remote control of the DVR, change the settings in real-time viewing, take photo, video recording, playback, Download the file entries to the smartphone to edit it and share it its on social media platforms. It comes with GPS Geo-tagging devices register accurate GPS data in a video file, so you can accurately check the vehicle's location / speed / route on Google Maps through the included recorders of the player software inside the 4k dash cam. The GPS software player will need to be installed before use.

G-SENSOR: Built-in acceleration sensor of the axis, in the field of view of recording and storing the wave of the target. When a sudden event, such as a car collision or unexpected turn, can automatically record and store images, In order to provide proof of an accident. The recorded video is saved and closed, which will never be covered by the video loop.

Cyclic recording : With the loop enabled, Users will be able to record video in looped 3/5/10 minutes of video files, and write to memory cards until the space is exhausted. Then, the old file will be automatically overwritten. But, corresponding to the severity of sensing, motion detection, Parking Monitoring or emergency files can not be automatically overwritten.

Motion detection: Motion detection is turned on when the vehicle recording detects the movement of the object, the camera starts recording, and the camera automatically enters the motion detection standby state after the motion detection is complete. When the object is detected again, the camera function is started again.

Parking Monitoring : Parking mode on, when the car engine, the camera automatically shuts down. If there are any collisions or accidents on the car, the camera will restart to record and automatically save the files. This normally record of 60 seconds then automatically turns off. When the collision is detected again, the camera function is started again. The recorded video is saved and closed, which will also never be covered by the video cycle.

-150 degree + HD ultra wide-angle
-Super HD 4K to 2880x2160 P Resolution
-Front video compression technology H.264
-2.4 inches High-resolution LCD display
-Support HDMI video high-quality transmission
-Record loops with seamless, does not
leak seconds -Motion detection
function -24 hours monitoring function parking
-Built-in Wi-Fi / GPS
-Automatic on / off function
-Can charge and transmit via USB
-Maximum memory support of memory card up to 128 GBaeProduct.getSubject ()

-Chipset: Novatek NT96660 (built-in 2GB DDRIII) -Chipset: NOVATEK NT96660 (built-in 2GB DDRIII)
-Sensor: OV4689 pro 1/3 inch cmos
-Lens: 150 degrees + HD ultra wide angle
-Display: 2.4 "LCD LCD monitor
-Diafragma: F1.8
-Video Resolution: 2880x2160 P24 / 1920x1080 P60 / 1920x1080 P30 / 1280x720 P120 / 1280x720 P60 / 1280x720 P30
a loop recording: Support seamless recording
-Auto on / off at the time support is included in the car begins
-Power ON / OFF car: turn off, and car trips
-Discover movement: Yes
-Mode parking: Yes
-G-sensor: Yes
-GPS: triplex
-GPS player: by turning GPS on in the car DVR, this allows the device to measure the exact location and speed of movement. Install our car DV player software, enjoy marking your route on Google Map.

To check your GPS information, install our individual car DV player on your computer, then select the appropriate file from the memory card. The player software will be sent by email after you receive your device. Pay attention to your inbox.

-App: lerccenker / luckycam (application, iOS, Android)
-Memory card: TF (class 10 or higher, maximum support is 128 GB, not included)
-Meanagement interface:
5V 1.5A -Battery: built-in Li-ion Battery

-Battery is mainly used to save files in emergency situations. Please always connect the recorders to an external power source during its use.

-Mainly format the TF card with a dash cam for optimal use. The inability to format a memory card can result in a card error.
-Because of higher video resolution, the DVR can be hot during use. (no more than 140 ° F). This is normal and does not affect normal function.

-If no work is detected after 1 minute, the device will enter the screen saver mode. Press any button to activate the screen. If you do not need this feature, you can close the backlight settings. The built-in GPS will start to work for a few minutes after the device is turned on. During your drive, it's normal for the device to switch between the GPS satellite signal and the non-alarm state. Know that this is not a defect.

Localisation : 1801-1807, HaiYun Building, No. 468, Minzhi Avenue, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, China. , 518000 Longhua New District,
Personne à contacter : jack ma, +8613560367411

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Azdome GS63H best dash camera with gps

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