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Complete set sunflower oil making machine, sunflower oil processing machine for sale

Automatic full set sunflower oil making machine refining machine production line for sale with factory price

Henan Doing Machinery can offer you the BEST customized sunflower oil processing solutions for both small scale sunflower oil mill plant or large scale sunflower oil mill plant. With years of experience in oil extraction and refinery filed, we are capable of turnkey sunflower oil mill plant construction, including process design, oil mill machinery manufacture, plant layout, installation and debugging, and technical guidance.

sunflower oil processing machine

We have three kinds production line:

Automatic sunflower oil press production line.

Automatic sunflower oil solvent extraction production line.

Automatic sunflower oil refining production line.

About the details , welcome to contact us.

Basic information about sunflower seeds:

Sunflower is high oil-content crop, mainly has two types: oil-sunflower and edible sunflower. Shell content of oil-sunflower is 29%-30%. And the seeds contents 40%-50% oil. In order to improve oil yielding rate and obtain high quality sunflower seed oil, the raw material should be treated as following processes: pretreatment, prepressing, extracting and refining.

Basic information about sunflower oil making machine

1.Pretreatment and pre-press of sunflower oil making machine.

Brief processes:

Raw material -- Magnetic separating --Metal impurities--Cleaning--Other impurities--Husking--Sunflower seed hull-- Cooking -- Prepressing --Crude oil--Sunflower seed cake--Extracting Workshop

Functions of main parts:

Magnitic seperating: In order to remove the metal impurities, so that can prevent damaging the equipment and occuring safety accidents.

Cleaning: To remove the impurities in the raw material such as soil, stem and leaf, hull and moldy seeds.

Husking: In order to improve the oil yielding rate and the quality of crude oil and meal, reduce the wear to the equipment, the hull must be removed.

Cooking: This processing can improve pre-pressing oil yielding rate and the quality of the cake, adjust the moisture, temperature and plasticity of the flake.

Pre-pressing: To squeeze out part of the oil in the raw material, and improve extracting effect.

sunflower oil processing machine

Pictures of prepress machines for sunflower oil making machine

sunflower oil processing machine

2.Solvent Extracting step of sunflower oil making machine :

Brief processes:

Fresh Solvent--Cake--Extracting--Wet Meal--Desolventising--Meal--Miscella--Evaporating and stripping--Solvent mixture--Condensing and Recovering--Crude Oil--Solvent Recycling--Refining Workshop.

Functions of main parts:

Extracting: To extract the oil in the cake by solvent, the general solvent is 6# extraction solvent oil or commercial hexane.

Desolventising: To remove and recover the solvent in the meal; Dry and cool down the meal at the same time.

Evaporating and stripping: Heating the the miscella by indirect steam, so that can vaporize the solvent and concentrate the miscella.

Solvent recycling: This process is to recover the solvent, decrease solvent consumption, keep safety production and improve product quality.

Picture of solvent extraction machines:

sunflower oil processing machine

3.Refining step of sunflower oil making machine

Brief processes:

Crude Oil--Hot water -- Degumming --Oil Foot--Alkali liquor-- Deacidfying - -Soap Stock-- Activeted Clay -- Decoloring --Waste Clay-- Deodorizing- - Dewaxing --Wax--Refined Oil

Functions of main parts:

Degumming: To remove the colloid soluble impurities, and prepare for the subsequent refining process.

Deacidification: To remove the free fatty acid in the crude oil.

Decoloring: To remove the pigment in the crude oil by adding active clay, so that can improve the oil quality.

Deodorizing: To remove the odor in the oil, so that can improve the flavor, stability, color and quality of the oil.

Dewaxing: To remove the wax in the oil and improve the quality of the oil.

Pictures of refinery line:

sunflower oil processing machine

Refined sunflower oil quality:

Sunflower Oil Quality Index
(The index of soybean oil, rapeseeds oil, oiltea seed oil are similarly)


Quality index

Crude oil

1st grade

2nd grade

Colour and lustre(25.4mm)


Y15 R1.5

Y25 R4.0

Flavor and taste

Crude sunflower oil smell, no peculiar flavour

The original sunflower flavor, no peculiar flavour

The original sunflower flavor, no peculiar flavour



Clear and transparent

Clear and transparent

Moisture & Volatile matter

/ % ≤




Impurities/% ≤




Acid value





Peroxide value/

(mmol/kg) ≤




Solvent residue

/(mg/kg) ≤


Not be detected

Not be detected

Test tempeature (280 °C)


No educt, Lovibond Tintometer: Yellow value not changed,red value increasing<0.4</span>

Trace of educt, Lovibond Tintometer: Yellow value not changed,red value increasing<0.4 blue value<0.5</span>

Contact information:

http://www.edibleoilextractionmachine .com

whatsapp/wechat: +86 13526627860


Localisation : No.133 Yaozhai Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou Cit, 450000 Zhengzhou,
Personne à contacter : Wendy Wang, +86 371 56771823

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Complete set sunflower oil making machine, sunflower oil processing machine for sale

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