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DDS High Power Full Band Vehicle Military Convoy Protection Roof Mounted Jammer System...

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This High Power Full Band Vehicle Military Convoy Protection Roof Mounted Jammer System is a High Power DDS Convoy Jamming System, implementing the most effective and reliable RF jamming technology and equipped with a fully-integrated broadband jamming system.
It is designed for Protect military and country leaders VIP team,EOD,police investigation and arrestprisons,government buildings, wireless remote bomb and some occasions for a temporary protection to respond to some emergencies.
Technique characteristics
· Taking use of super-high frequency with high effective power.
· Effective output power (channel power) and bigger interfere radius.
· Only interfere downlink frequency of mobile system, without disturb normally working of Base Stations.
· Imported elements: Slow start up design of circuit. These elements can maintain the stable operation condition with high integration.
Advantages and Features
· Designed with ultra broadband frequency bands, 20MHz-3600MHz (20-6000MHz).
· 12 modules plug and play design, facilitate for future power upgrading, change and maintenance. Any ruin on the modules never interfere the normal operating of other modules.
· American Mil-spec standard case, shockproof and drop-resistance, available for the vehicle running in a worse field environment.
· Up to 20 Frequency Bands. All Jamming Modules Designed by DDS technology.
· Operators are able to regulate the working frequency band and output power of each module through the software. Configuring a specific frequency band can ensure the internal communication in emergency.
· System operation can be performed in the driver's console unit. Each module can be ON/OFF. Backup battery or generator system can be optional.
· Device body is no more than 90kg.
· Continuously and simultaneously interference to the common used RF signals.
· Equipped with high power generator to ensure excellent low noise operational capabilities.
· Integrated backup battery system for continuous silent operation and fast start.
· Integrated smart active cooling system to make sure the device working continuously.
· Antenna is installed with a covert design.
· Video camera with LCD monitor both inside and outside the vehicle provide rear viewing and monitoring
High DDS solution (25-6000mhz)
- 25-500Mhz
- 500-1000Mhz
- 1000-2000Mhz
- 2000-3000Mhz
- 3000-4000Mhz
- 4000-5000Mhz
- 5000-6000Whz
Power cable
User manual
Machine Monitor software function:
· Remote control switches of each machine.
· Remote viewing each machine working state.
· The power output of each machine remote adjustment.
· Remote viewing offline log of each machine.
· Mail receiving each machine working state.
· The system can set permissions to log on.
Localisation : FuHuaRaod, 518000 shenzhen,
Personne à contacter : Grace Hu, 8675533136038

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DDS High Power Full Band Vehicle Military Convoy Protection Roof Mounted Jammer System...

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