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Diesel particulate filters

Main Functions: Technical Specification

1. Filtering more than 90% harmful impurities in diesel fuel
2. Drawing off more than 95% water in diesel fuel
3. Reducing vehicle emissions up to 20% to 60%
4. Diesel fuel consumption reduced by 5% to 10%

The size of vat(mm):800×620×570
The size of input and output oil tube:Rc1/2
Rated flux:0~200L/min
Rated pressure:200KPa

Main Advantages: Main Effects

1. Integrated multi-level filter technology
2. High filter fineness and working efficiency
3. Long replacement cycle for filter core
4. Low original resistance

1. Decreasing fuel consumption
2. Reducing engine failure and strengthening dynamic accordingly
3. Prolonging engine service life
4. Reducing maintenance cost for diesel engine and its diesel filter


THY-310B diesel oil purifiers can be applied to large diesel generating units or other equipments powered by diesel fuel engine of medium power below 4000HP.

Ⅰ.Product Description:  

THY-310B diesel oil purifier series are developed by our tianhou group, which is mainly applied to large diesel generating units or other equipments powered by diesel fuel engine of medium power below 4000HP. This new invention is used for filtering harmful impurities for diesel engine; thereby attain the aim of saving oil and protecting diesel engine. In China, the product has been applied to multiple companies running oil field large equipment, truck, and fishery harbors diesel engine. ect, and gained surprising achievements and praise from clients.

As is shown on the above image, we can see the product is made of stainless steel, reasonable design, compact structure, and easy installation. The unique design enables the "Janenope" diesel fuel pre-filter to have enough capacity to contain the contaminant in addition to the sufficiently prolonged time period for filter core replacement, with several times of purification effect higher than common diesel fuel pre-filters. The multi-level integrated filtration technology adopted ensures the elimination of more than 90% of harmful impurities (including tars, pitches and mechanical impurities) in diesel fuel.

Ⅱ.Product function and installation:  

providing much cleaner diesel fuel for your diesel fuel engine, forming double protection for diesel engine, attaining prominent oil-saving effect. Because of the large volume, the product needs certain space for installation, which can be fixed on the frame or platform to the oil outlet fore end of large oil tank, or placed separately, or installed beside generators. Anyway, the installation position for THY-310B diesel oil purifier should be lower than oil tank.

Ⅲ.Product Features:  

1. No shutdown is required for the replacement of filter score
2. The filtration efficiency, filtration precision and contaminant-containing capacity are simultaneously improved by the use of double-level filtration filter core
3. More than 90% of the colloid, the pitch and the mechanical impurity in diesel fuel can be filtered
4. A convenient installation is guaranteed by the standard interface

Ⅳ.Replacement of Filter Core:  
  1. 1) Turn off the inlet valve of the filter at the side with the filter core to be replaced, turn off the outlet valve within a few minutes, unscrew the bolt of the bottom cap and remove the end cover.
    2) Open the blowdown valve for complete discharge of the sump oil to prevent the sump oil from entering the clean fuel chamber in the course of filter core replacement.
    3) Unscrew the binding nut at the upper end of the filter core, wear oil-resistant gloves and hold on the filter core, and then take off the old filter core vertically and upwards.
    4) Place a new filter core, put a seal ring on the upper end (the lower end has a seal gasket itself), and then fasten the nut.
    5) Turn off the blowdown valve, replace the upper cap (do put the seal ring at place), tighten the binding bolt.
    6) Turn on the inlet valve before turning on the exhaust valve, turn off the exhaust valve immediately once fuel comes out of it, and then turn on the outlet valve. The same approach shall be applied to the filter at the other side.

Unclean diesel fuel can cause abnormal abrasion to the injection system and the cylinders of the en-gine, which results in a decreased engine power, an increased fuel consumption and a rapid decline of engine life-span. The diesel fuel pre-filter can considerably improve the filtration precision and the eff-iciency of an engine adopting felt fabric filters, thus reaching several times of life-span of the imported high quality diesel fuel filter and a notable fuel saving.

Localisation : , 710075 Xi'an,
Personne à contacter : Lawrence Chang, 86 29 86691978

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Diesel particulate filters

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