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Chine (Rép. pop) Hygiène / Santé
Hygiène / Santé

Health & beauty !!!IHG882A Multi-funtion skin rejuvenation oxygen facial machine

Quantité : 500 Set/S   Prix : 1USD

Quick Details

  • Type: Multi-Function Beauty Equipment
  • Certification: CE
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: EHO
  • Model Number: IHG882A
  • Voltage: : 110V/220V
  • best cream removal wrinkle Power: 450W
  • Oxygen contraction: Over 90%
  • Oxygen type: O2, O3
  • Other therapy: Microcurrent&Ul trasonic&RF&LED
  • LED light: Red(635nm) Blue(450nm)
  • RF Type: Bipolar RF(Eye) Tripolar(Face)

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: best cream removal wrinkle Standard Export Carton: 60CM*80CM*122CM (L*W*H) Boxing: 1pc/box
Delivery Detail: Within 2-7 working days after payment
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Health & beauty !!!

IHG882A Multi-funtion skin rejuvenation

oxygen facial machine


Product Description

What is Oxygen Max System?

IHG882A Hyperbaric oxygen max system( best cream removal wrinkle )is a latest revolutionary high-tech noninvasive system combines nine high facial cosmetology:

hyperbaric oxygen breath with LED light therapy and musicotherapy, oxygen spray, oxygen infusion; bipolar RF facial, tripolar RF facial

Microcurrent facial with LED; supersonic facial; magic hand massage.

altHealth & beauty !!!IHG882A Multi-funtion skin rejuvenation oxygen facial machine

multifunctional Therapies:

Oxygen Spray Treatment

Oxygen spray is an anti-aging treatment which uses a stainless spray gun , on which there is a bottle to fill essential fluid. The jet of spray gun is a pin hole of 0.1~0.3mm.

Under powerful pressure, the spray gun spurts the over90% oxygen mixed with essential fluid in high speed.

Oxygen Infusion Treatment

Oxygen infusion treatment adopts a special infusion gun to press the hyperbaric pure oxygen with the essential products into deep skin under high pressure.

There are 5 modes of infusion available for different treatment.

LED-Microcurrent Treatment

The micro-current simulation can reach into the cell, active cell, improve the cell's metabolism and circulation, and then enhance the rehabilitation capacity of the cell tissue. At the same time, do shrink and release sport to every muscle. It can renew muscle's length and spring. It can improve the aged skin fundamentally.

RF Facial Treatment

RF High frequency vibration will make resistance of the underlying tissue move and produce high energy, which can promote the collagen reproduction to remove wrinkles and enhance the skin elasticity.

As the same time, deep diathermy treatment makes the temperature of the underlying tissue rise instantly, supplies oxygen to the skin and transfer organic nutrients, so as to strengthen cells, improve blood and lymph circulation, activate metabolism.

Magic Hand Treatment

Personal use skin care products in the past, we use hand flapping skin care products into the skin, but the effect is only 5% -10%. Using magic hand import skin care products make increased to 20-30%.

It will balance the pH of the solution. Similarly, the micro-current can also make the chemical reactions in the skin and body fluids to balance the skin's pH.

Ultrasonic Facial Treatment

HG882A adopts 1MHz high frequency ultrasonic technology.

Two handholds: one for eyes and delicate parts, one for face.

Ultrasonic massages the face with ultrasound technology, which“massage” away wrinkles and uneven skin texture;

Vibration; Warming Effect.

More details about IHG882A :

Working heads

altHealth & beauty !!!IHG882A Multi-funtion skin rejuvenation oxygen facial machine


altHealth & beauty !!!IHG882A Multi-funtion skin rejuvenation oxygen facial machine

IHG882A Oxygen MAX System adopts electrical tech which could turn Oxygen (O2) to Ozone (03).

So patients not only can get the hyperbaric oxygen treatment, but also Ozone treatment.

Unique Magic Hand (Microcurrent)

altHealth & beauty !!!IHG882A Multi-funtion skin rejuvenation oxygen facial machine

Three approach in face,body and breast to realize body

altHealth & beauty !!!IHG882A Multi-funtion skin rejuvenation oxygen facial machine

Hyperbaric oxygen system( HBO) :

1. Oxygen Sprayer , unique design for skin rejuvenation .

2. Oxygen Injector,painless and enjoyable treatment to solve many kinds of problems on the skin and body.

3. Healthy & Omnipotent Oxygen Inhaling Mask : deluxe and comfortable hyperbaric light mask combines with Oxygen,LED, Musictherapy.( O2 and O3 are available )

4. Advanced Magic Hand: micro current therapy

5. Multi-Polar Radio Frequency Therapy: bipolar RF handle for eyes , tripolar RF handle for face and body .

6. Bio working handles (micro current combines with cold light therapy)

7. Supersonic handles one for face,one for eyes.Measurable results on the skin tighten , skin whiten , wrinkle removals,dark pouches,bags under the eyes,double chin etc.

8. Color Touch Screen : friendly operation ,clear visual effect etc.

Technical Parameters:


Packaging & Shipping


Our Services

Original manufacturer of Beauty Machine , Medical Device , Aesthetic Device , beauty Machine etc.


Localisation : 303Floor, No.15 Building, No.113, the south of Huadi Avenue, Liwan District Guangzhou, 510385 Guangdong,
Personne à contacter : Sheena song, 86 20 81495407

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Health & beauty !!!IHG882A Multi-funtion skin rejuvenation oxygen facial machine

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