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High Temperature Flame Retardant Dual Wall Tube for Automotive Wiring

4: 1 High Temperature Flame Retardant Dual Wall Tube for Automotive Wiring, the outer layer is polyolefin with high physical and chemical properties and good shrinkage performance, and the inner layer is white flame retardant hot melt adhesive with low melting point, waterproof sealing and mechanical strain buffering. The main functions are sealing, water-proof, anti-corrosion, air leakage and multi strand wire harness. It is mainly used for wire connection of electronic equipment, automobile wire harness, home appliance wire harness, wire and cable branch, metal pipeline, wire and cable repair, submersible pump wiring and other occasions that need to be sealed.

Product features:

■ UV resistant and flame retardant

■ shrinkage temperature: ≥ 70 ℃

■ Final shrinkage temperature: ≥ 125 ℃

■ Service temperature: - 45 ℃ ~ 125 ℃

■ Heat shrinkable ratio: 4: 1

■ Color: black outer layer, white adhesive layer

Localisation : Jiangbei east road, 516003 Huizhou,
Personne à contacter : Lia Luo, +15 1 13 23 12 29

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High Temperature Flame Retardant Dual Wall Tube for Automotive Wiring

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