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6 Reasons for Choosing Horion M5A as Your Digital Interactive Smart Board


6 Reasons for Choosing Horion M5A as Your Digital Whiteboard Display, Digital Whiteboard Screen

Extraordinary appearance

Ultra-narrow edge fused with machine design, which boasts good appearance and talent


Intelligent office work and multi-scene cooperation; powerful and easy to use; beyond imagination

Extraordinary writing

Handwriting recognition reconstructs the tradition, and more ways of expression are handy

High efficiency

The new NFC interaction enables information to be mirrored to other screens by a touch, realizing info rmation sharing with ease

Extraordinary sound and picture

This horion interactive flat panel has the whole series of true 4K large screen, high fidelity sound system, and sensory wake-up.

Extraordinary service

As a professional commercial LCD lED supplier, Horion can offer quality digital whiteboard solutions and services in 25 countries and area

Remarkable Whole-machine Design of M5A Interactive Panel

Now you just need a Horion digital smart whiteboard , which can fully function as "the six star players" of the traditional conference, namely electronic whiteboard, projector, computer, audio equipment, TV set and advertisement player.


13MP HD Camera, Panoramic Capture

The built-in HD image processing engine supports image motion compensation and color enhancement. Point-to-point precise display technology provides you with clear and smooth pictures.

M5A digital interactive whiteboard ensures that everyone in the room is seen and heard, enhancing communication and collaboration in any setting.

Immersive Audio Experience of M5A IFPD Panel

The Horion M5A digital interactive whiteboard is not just about visual excellence, it also delivers an immersive audio experience with its built-in stereo high fidelity audio equipment. This feature ensures clear, impressive sounds, making your presentations, video conferences, or multimedia content more engaging and impactful. Whether it's the subtle nuances in a dialogue or the powerful crescendo in a musical score, the M5A digital interactive smart board ensures every sound is captured and reproduced with exceptional clarity.

8-way Array Microphone of the Digital Touch Screen Whiteboard

The digital interactive smart board's audio pickup capability extends to an 8m distance, encompassing a 180° range from the front. This feature was co-developed by leading global acoustic doctoral teams. The smart application of an intelligent acoustic algorithm ensures noise suppression, echo cancellation, and beamforming, capturing every crucial detail without fail. This digital touch screen whiteboard ensures no key information is missed.

Professional Interactive Panel 86 Inch for Video Conference

This smart board for conference room supports mainstream video conference software, which is smooth and stable with one second entry.The whiteboard interface can not only open video conference, but also let you share screen and write and communicate online synchronously.

Interactive Display Panel With All-powerful Assistant

Every step is easy to practice

Horion M5A interactive flat panel displays is suitable for Android and Apple mobile phones, desktops, laptops and other devices. Independently developed screen mirroring system shows you stable and smooth screen mirroring pictures.

All in One Screen - Interactive Panel 86 Inch

See More and See Clearer

With Horion screen mirroring dongle, 4 kinds of devices can be mirrored on one screen, so the data tables can be compared clearly.

OTA system online upgrade

OTA online upgrade package is pushed every month, system version is updated every month, third-party application extension is built in, and it supports Windows and Android dual systems and system extension application after online installation.

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