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MACY-PAN Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers (HBOT)

· Lying Type Portable Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

· Sitting Type Portable Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

· Hard Type Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

· Multiplace Type Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

· Veterinary Type Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

· 1.8ATA Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber


Hyperbaric oxygen chamber for home use is divided into monoplace oxygen chamber and multiplace oxygen chamber according to the different number of people treated in the chamber. It is divided into soft type hyperbaric chamber and hard type hyperbaric chamber according to the their different materials. Soft affordable hyperbaric chamber is portable, soft and foldable, hard type is designed more professional, usually used for medical and commercial places. People can choose the affordable hyperbaric chambers according needs.

MACY-PAN Hyperbarics for Your Choose

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, also called HBOT, is the medical use of oxygen at an increased level of pressure, (hyper) means increased, (baric) means pressure. Hyperbaric chamber is defined as a special ventilation device.

The patient was placed in an oxygen chamber at 1.5 ml 2.5 atmosphere and was given pure oxygen to treat the disease. portable hyperbaric oxygen chamber price is high, since only a fraction of the medical conditions that hyperbaric chamber recovery are covered by Medicare.

Hyperbaric chamber function

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is a treatment that enhances the body's natural healing process by providing an environment that allows the body to absorb much higher amounts of oxygen than possible at normal atmospheric pressure in a pressurized chamber.

MACY-PAN provides various soft shell hyperbaric chamber for sale. A hyperbaric chamber is used around the world to treat a wide range of conditions, including autism, diabetic ulcers, strokes, traumatic brain.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for stroke recovery and anxiety, hyperbaric chamber healing, orthopaedic rehabilitation, crush injuries, and is becoming used in a much wider range as research develops. There are also hyperbaric oxygen therapy for athletes who wish to speed up recovery of tissue damage caused by hard training.

Besides people, MACY PAN also provide cat oxygen chamber and oxygen therapy for dogs.

Benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chamber

Reduce swelling, form new blood vessels, repair tissues and help your body fight bacterial infections in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. With the development of science and technology, hbot hyperbaric oxygen chamber for home use has been widely used. Most of the household hyperbaric oxygen chambers are soft sided hyperbaric chambers. There are following home hyperbaric chamber benefits.

Speeding up the body's healing by increasing tissue oxygen levels in areas of injury or illness

hyperbaric oxygen boost wound healing

Hyperbaric air chamber can reducing swelling that may occur around damaged areas

Stimulating new blood vessel growth and increased blood flow

Elevating the body' s natural immune defences to fight infection and bacteria

Boosting your supply of circulating stem cells.

What Conditions Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treat?

Hyperbaric chamber is used around the world to treat a wide range of conditions,including autism, diabetic ulcers, strokes, traumatic brain injuries, migraines, wounds, inflammation, orthopedic rehabilitation, crush injuries, and is becoming used in a much wider range as research develops.

Affordable hyperbaric chamber is also used by athletes who wish to speed up recovery of tissue damage caused by hard training.

How Do You Feel When Use the Hyperbaric Chamber?

Temperature Changes – Sometimes the hyperbaric oxygen chamber can feel slightly warm while it's being pressurized, but it soon returns to normal when treatment pressure is obtained.

Pressure Changes – When the chamber is pressurization, your ears may feel pressure changes and feel a little painful in ears. Once the chamber is fully pressurized, your ears will return to normal.

Fatigue/Hunger – After hyperbaric oxygen treatment is complete, some patients notice sensations of tiredness or hunger.

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