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Hygiène / Santé

Medical Diagnosis Equipment a Scan Ophthalmic Ultrasound with USB and Mouse Port Ultras...

Prix : 1 824,00 €

High Light Large Color TFT with Touch-screen
Small, Lightweight Masterpiece
User Friendly Interface
5 Programmable User Profiles
Optional Pachymetry Mode
Obtain Fast and Accurate Scans
Unique Immersion Technique
Echoes View
6 Formulas For IOL
Automatic Gain Control
USB and Mouse Port
Built-in Printer
Mass Data Storage
Technical Specifications:

Axial Length Measurement

Probe: 10MHz solid internal fixation light
Electronic Resolution: 0.04mm
Measuring Range: 15-40mm
Measurement Mode: Manual, Auto1, Auto2
Measurement Value: Axial length, Anterior chamber depth, Lens thickness, Vitreous length, Automatic calculation of standard deviation, Average value Measurement Method: Immersion or Contact
Eye Types: Phakic, Dense Cataract, Aphakic and Pseudophakic materials ( PMMA, Acrylic and Silicone)
Amplifier Gain: Automatic
Velocities: Specific for eye segments (ACD, Lens, Vitreous) and easily adjusted

IOL Calculation
2 different IOLs calculated simultaneously
9 values bracketed for desired ametropia for each lens
Calculation Accuracy: 0.01D
IOL Style: Auto-Setting of A-constant, ACD value and SF value are possible by specifying the IOL style.

Large color LCD with touch-screen

Stores thousands of data for eyes

Printing Function
Built-in graphic thermal printer

USB or Mouse

Power Requirement
Power supply: AC 100-240V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power: 45VA max

Dimensions/ Weight

Localisation : Room 603, Building 10, District B, Xintiandi, Taqiao North Road, Jingzhou, Hubei, China, 434000 Jingzhou,
Personne à contacter : 刘 淑君, 07164080476

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Medical Diagnosis Equipment a Scan Ophthalmic Ultrasound with USB and Mouse Port Ultras...

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