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OEM LED lampshade

LED lampshade is the main function of the light is more soft and more evenly spread into space, and will not produce dazzling. Protect your eyes. And the light transmittance within a certain range, make the light in the enclosure waste too much, not only can't see the inner light bead, also make the light maximum spread out. So will have LED lampshade on each lamp.
Product: part of a lamp,protecting the lamp
material: aluminum alloy or zinc alloy.
Process: die casting or precision die casting or precision casting
If you want we recommend a suitable type for you, please let us know the following:
1), The drawings
2). Quantity
3). The material type
If you are interested in our product, please contact us.
Zhengzhou Sebon Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd
Add: Headquarters Enterprise Base, Ruida Road, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou City,450000,China
TEL: 0086-371-86560898
FAX: 0086-371-86011881
Web: www(dot)sebonchina(dot)com/Hardware-or-machine-parts/
Skype: sebonchina
Localisation : Headquarters Enterprise Base, Ruida Road, 450000 Zhengzhou City,
Personne à contacter : aaron aaron, +86 371 86560898

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OEM LED lampshade

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