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PU Insole

More like sports friends, you should use a PU insole.

The PU insole is definitely made of PU. The material itself is relatively flexible, and it has the advantages of insulation, compression, etc., and the PU material itself is sticky, so it is not easy to slip in the shoes. It is very important that PU material has very good shock absorption performance.

Features of PU insole

Stability: PU insole will be supported by a rubber material in the second half. The use of this material will have good support for our heel. A good insole support strength will be better than that of ordinary shoes. There are a lot of things, everyone can feel incredible, but the fact is also to prove that a good insole has such an advantage.

Second, shock absorption: Although many shoes will have this function, but PU foam insole has this function, the effect is not amplified by one plus one, and the insole is completely fit to the sole of the foot, so the shock absorption effect will be much better.

Third, correction: Most people do not wear shoes when they are young, this time will be a little strange when walking, some even have problems such as inversion, eversion, flat feet, really bad insoles are easy It causes problems on the feet. In severe cases, even the ankles, knee problems, and even the waist are serious, so a good insole is an important point to correct the problem on the foot.

More like sports friends, you should use a PU insole. After you use it, you will find that there are many benefits, better shock absorption and support effects. The impact on the foot during exercise is definitely not small. Use PU. The material will minimize the impact of your feet and will not be easily injured during exercise.

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PU Insole

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