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Royal Sovereign 65 inch Wide Format Hot/Cold Roll Laminator ( HARISEFENDI )

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Products Royal Sovereign 65 inch Wide Format Hot/Cold Roll Laminator at Harisefendi provide a 100% money back guarantee and 100% safe, Because Harisefendi the best of the best.We sell some of the best brands such as MIMAKI, ROLAND, MUTOH, SUMMA, SPECTRA, RICOH, SEIKO, U-MARQ, CANON, EPSON, HP, GRAPHTEC, XAAR, etc. And purchase

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Product Description

The Royal Sovereign RSH-1651 is a 65" wide format laminator ideal for print shops, copy shops, sign shops and other commercial businesses that require laminate finishing of wide format products. The RSH-1651 is a versatile laminator designed to accommodate thermal and pressure sensitive laminating, enscapsulation as well as mounting of printed media. The RSH-1651 comes with a one year manufacturer warranty on parts.

Standard Features on the Royal Sovereign 65" Heat Assist Laminator

  • Compact Design
  • Maximum temperature of 320°F
  • Document guides for straight feeding of material
  • Rear cross cutter for removing laminated documents
  • Easy load film supply shafts
  • High quality silicon rubber rollers
  • Maximum laminating width - 65 inches
  • Mounting up to 5/8 inches in thickness
  • Auto off and standby modes
  • Main roller safety cover and emergency stops
  • 9 Programmable speed settings
  • Variable laminating speed up to 13.1 feet/minute
  • Brand

    Royal Sovereign
  • Width

  • Min/Max Film Thickness

    1 mil - 10 mil
  • Core Size

  • Laminating Type

  • Heating Method

    Hot Rollers
  • Warm Up Time

    40 min for Hot
  • Reverse Switch

  • Speed (Feet per Minute)

    13.1 fpm for cold/9.8 fpm for hot
  • Adjustable Temperature

  • Ready Light

  • Safety Auto Shutoff

  • Feed Table Safety Switch

  • Feed Table Alignment Guide

  • Key Lock

  • Built-in Horizontal Trimmer

  • Mounting Capability

  • Mounting Thickness in mil

  • Roller Gap Adjustment

  • Cooling Fans

  • Electrical Requirements

    220 Volts
  • Machine Dimensions

    77-1/5" x 25-3/5" x 47-2/5"
  • Weight

    593 lbs
  • Shipping Weight

    869 lbs
  • Units Per Parcel

  • Net Weight

  • Country Of Origin

  • Free Shipping

  • Package Type

  • Warranty

    1 Year for Parts
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Royal Sovereign 65 inch Wide Format Hot/Cold Roll Laminator ( HARISEFENDI )

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