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SLS Nylon Printing

3D printed nylon parts can be used for product verification or directly used as functional products. The product is 3D printing with light weight and shorter production cycle. It has great application space in automobile, aerospace, art creation, medical treatment and other fields. SLS products have many surface pores after forming, and the surface roughness is about Ra12.5. The surface roughness, finish and coloring of nylon 12 sls powder cannot meet the requirements of practical use.

SLS Nylon 12 Printing Material Properties

ylon material, as a classic material, is famous for its excellent durability, high specific strength, high toughness, low wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and has been widely used in the field of processing and manufacturing.

Nylon is a name for Polyamide fiber. It's called PA . For some users who often use PLA, PLA printing is flexible, suitable for many occasions, and It has the general strength required for ordinary occasions, but when it is used in professional occasions, it will find it is not suitable. PLA printed parts cannot be exposed to sunlight for long periods of time and are not suitable for applications above 100°C. If ABS is used for 3D printing, it will be found that it is more durable than PLA. However, 3D printed ABS parts are usually not as strong as injection parts, and printed parts are generally not strong enough due to the adhesion between layers.

Nylon consumable is a kind of high strength, very durable 3D printing consumable. Very tough, at the same time good adhesion between layers, more solid than ABS consumables.

Mechanical Properties of SLS Nylon Printing

Nylon has excellent mechanical properties. Its tensile strength, compressive strength, impact strength, rigidity and wear resistance are better, suitable for manufacturing some need to high strength, high toughness products. However, its mechanical properties are greatly affected by temperature and humidity, and its tensile strength decreases with the increase of temperature and humidity. Nylon has good impact properties. It increases with the increase of temperature and water absorption, and hardness decreases with the increase of water content.

SLS Nylon Printing Material Info

Application of durable nylon material in 3D printing.


complex and thin-walled (electric tools, aerospace equipment).


Shell products.


Impeller and connector.


Sports consumer goods.


Car dashboard and lattice window.


Assembly design.


Functional prototypes close to the performance characteristics of the product for final use.


Suitable for small and medium volume rapid manufacturing.


Requirements for medical applications that are USP Class VI or bioadaptable.


Parts processed by lathe or bonded by adhesive.


Complex products and plastic prototypes.


Appearance, structure or functional prototype.

We carry two Nylon materials for 3D printing

Nylon-like White (Accura SLS 3200)

Nylon-like Black (Accura PA 12)

For more information about product prototype and metal rapid prototyping, please feel free to contact us!

Localisation : Room 611, JiaYu building, Hong xing Area,Songgang Street, Baoan district, Shenzhen 518105, 518105 shenzhen,
Personne à contacter : ping gjprototy, 0755 23355414

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