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Smart Hula Hoop

Quantité : two millio   Prix : 8-80

Our intelligent smart hoop has a novel design, which can be adjusted to fit the body, freeing the exerciser's hands. Automatic counting, real-time recording of exercise data, providing waist massage while reducing fat.

What are the Benefits of a Smart Fitness Hula Loop?

The smart fit hula hoop is small in size and takes up less space to move compared to the traditional hula hoop.

Detachable design for easy storage and portability.

With a counter function of the smart hula hoop led, you can clearly understand the calories consumed via APP, making the exercise more motivated and the plan more clear.

The design of our smart hula ring has a massage function, which can continuously massage the abdomen during exercise to accelerate the burning of fat.

How Smart Hula Loop Work?

The intelligent hulahoop performs a circular motion centered on the psoas major of the human body.

Practice your back muscles, leg muscles, and abdominal muscles while exercising. At the same time, massage the waist and abdomen through the belt and massage assistance.

In the process of exercise, a weight-loss smart hula hoop can continuously massage and stimulate the major acupoints of the waist and abdomen to accelerate the consumption of fat, so as to achieve the effect of losing weight and shaping.

Why Buy Smart Hula Hoop from Chinese Manufacturers?

Although hula hoop originated in the United States, China is definitely the country with the largest population of this sport. The group is very broad, from children to the elderly. The emergence of smart fitness hula hoop has made more people pay attention to this traditional sport.

There are already a lot of smart-fit hula hoop brands in China, and they are constantly improving their smart fitness equipment through a lot of market feedback. With China's strong supply chain, the smart hula ring in China has reached a state of high quality and competitive price.

For more information about intelligent fitness equipment, please feel free to contact us!

Localisation : YANXING FIT Smart Fitness Products, 518052 shenzhen,
Personne à contacter : .com YANXINGFIT, 0755 86969216

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Smart Hula Hoop

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