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Chine (Rép. pop) Biens d'équipement
Biens d'équipement

Solar powered led street light/ solar flood lights

LED solar street lights with solar radiation as energy, use solar panels to convert solar energy to the battery for charging during the day and night and use LED light source power for supply lighting.


The solar street light relies on solar energy, which is clean, endless and environment-friendly. The system is mainly composed of solar panel, light source, controller and battery. In daytime, when there is sunshine, the solar panel can convert the solar energy to electric energy and store it in the battery. At night or rainy or cloudy condition, the battery shall supply power for normal lighting. The controller can judge the brightness of daylight and automatically switch on the light. The whole process is operating in completely automatic mode, without human action.


1. solar street lighting used the lasting source that without pollution.
2. Street solar lighting system with best solar panels that achieved environment protection. No pollution, no noise, no radiation.
3.15% high conversion rate solar panel makes the solar energy be used more effectively to charge the battery
4.Automatic controller set. Light starting up by light sensor, light off by time set. No need for manual control after the first set.
5.Unique appearance of solar street light will be a beautiful landscape for factories, city streets and high ways.
6.No need for traditional electricity and little maintenance.
7.If your government supports, it will add to you more chances to use new energy in a traditional street light field with benefits to environment, non-recyclable resources, landscape and business.

Project Installation

1.Streetligtht position:Make sure no pre-buried equipments under the ground base,and installation place should not cause mcuh shadow
2.installation of pre-buried steel web.
3.battery installation
4.installation of angle iron and toe box
5.components( solar panel,led light,light arm and all cables) are well fastened or connected correctly
6.testing after installation


solar led street light

Technical Parameter

Solar Panel Power 120W Mono/Poly Solar Panel
LED Light Source 36W (Osram Or Bridgelux Chip)
Maintenance-free Lead Acid Battery Capacity 12V/100AH
Intelligence Solar Controller 12V/10A (Light and Time control)
Lamp Pole

Hot galvanization Spraying-plastic 6-8Meter

Working Time 6-12hrs, 3~5 Days On-end in cloudy
Applicable Temprature -40℃~50℃
Wind-proof Capacity ≥150FM/H

Localisation : 17th Floor, Building No.3, Xinglinwan Operation Center, Jimei District, Xiamen City, P. R. China, 361000 Xiamen,
Personne à contacter : Zoe Lee, 0086 592 5211388

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Solar powered led street light/ solar flood lights

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