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Types of Veterinary Hyperbaric Chambers

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M Size HP600 Pet HBOT

The latest technology and provide hyperbaric oxygen therapy for small and medium-sized animals.

L Size HP800 Pet HBOT

The latest technology and provide hyperbaric oxygen therapy for large size animals

Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used in veterinarians to treat a variety of diseases and disorders in small animals, including wound healing and neurological disorders. It is a relatively new treatment for veterinarians, but it is increasingly being used on pets, and oxygen therapy for dogs with cancer. The results show that this treatment is effective in the treatment of inflammation, snakebite, arthritis and infected wounds. The increase in oxygen helps the tissue in the body to help with the healing process.

Features of animal oxygen chamber

Fully transparent acrylic material to observe the pet's treatment status in all directions.

Pressure: 1.4 ATA, has 60, 70, 80cm size for your optional.

Simple operation, no training required.

The operation system Includes the air compressor, oxygen concentrator and air cooler.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for dogs cost

The oxygen treatment for dogs is expensive and is not available in veterinary clinics. HBOT treatment ranges from $125to $200per course of treatment. But on the basis that it can really help pets recover, hyperbaric chamber uses in HBOT may be more cost-effective than other traditional surgical and drug treatments.

During the veterinary hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the pet will not suffer any pain. The pressure in the animal oxygen chamber continues to increase, resulting in high oxygen levels. So that oxygen can be uniformly dispersed in the tissue at a faster rate. Stress in animal hyperbaric chamber continues to increase during treatment, lasting for about 1 to 2 hours before decompression. The animals were treated twice a day for 5 to 10 days. MACY PAN provides many kinds of veterinary hyperbaric chamber for sale to meet animals' treatment needs.

Tips for veterinary hyperbaric oxygen therapy

1. HBOT veterinary hyperbaric chamber is 100% pure oxygen, the risk of fire is higher than usual. Precautions such as preventing static electricity and ensuring that there are no sources of ignition are needed to reduce this risk.

2. The side effects and hyperbaric chamber for dogs are generally very small, but HBOT treatment may still cause air pressure injury and need to be carried out under professional guidance.

3. It is necessary to ensure the pet's health before treatment, including ensuring that the body temperature is normal, as high body temperature can lead to increased oxygen uptake, which can lead to poisoning.

4. Before hyperbaric oxygen therapy for dogs, try to prevent pet wound infection so as not to cause secondary injury.

Why Choose Veterinary Hyperbaric Chamber

Fully transparent acrylic material to observe the pet's treatment status in all directions

Pressure: 1.4 ATA, has 60, 70, 80cm size for your optional

Simple operation, no training required

Operation system Includes the air compressor, oxygen concentrator and air cooler

FAQ of Veterinary Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

What is the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for pets?-

· Fungal disease (Fungal Pneumonia)

· Closed head injuries

· Peripheral neuropathies

· Ischemic injuries

· Serious and chronic infections

· Wounds and blood-deprived tissue

· Compromised skin grafts

· Skin, muscle, tendinous and ligamentous injuries

· Treatment of bone infection

· Paralysis and Myasthenia gravis

· Lung and abdominal abscesses

· Inflammatory diseases

Which kind of pets can not use the hyperbaric chamber?+

How long does the pet need use the hyperbaric chamber?

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Types of Veterinary Hyperbaric Chambers

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