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UM-2020-1 Atomizing Disinfection Robot

Quantité : 10000 pcs   Prix : USD0.5-15000

UM-2020-1 Atomizing Disinfection Robot

M-2020-1 Atomizing disinfection robot has a beautiful beige appearance, centimeter-level precise navigation, world-leading remote deployment technology, multi-machine coordination ability, automatic obstacle avoidance and other functions. It can automatically navigate to a designated location indoors.

Specfication of UM-2020-1 Atomizing Spray Disinfection Robot

1.Independent path planning

2.Super endurance

3.Automatic return charging

4.Multi mode indoor unmanned driving technology

5.Global original remote and convenient deployment capability

6.Self access elevator (optional)

Parameter of UM-2020-1 Atomizing Robotic Disinfectant Spray

1. Moving mode: Independent path planning (covering an area of 25000 cranes)

2.Moving speed: 0.2 ~ 0.8m/s (recommended operating speed is 0.4m / s)

3.Disinfection efficiency: Disinfect 1000m3 in 15 minutes

4.working hours: 3-4 hours at full power (self charging, unlimited endurance)

5.Spray particle size: 2~5im

6.Spray rate: 800~3000mL/h

7.Applicable media: Hypochlorite, sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid

8.Disinfection level: Effective disinfection, up to 6-log level

9.Volume of water tank: 16L

Hardware Parameters of UM-2020-1 Atomizing Disinfection Robot

Hardware parameters

Index performance

Product specification

Product Size

Length 540mm * Width 360mm * Height 1368mm

Product Weight


Product color


product material

Cold rolled steel sheet

Environmental requirements

Storage temperature: -15°C~55°C; Working temperature: -10°C ~ +50°C Humidity (RH):


QR code camera

Two-dimensional code positioning (the height of

the two-dimensional code from the camera is 1-3m or 1-5m); 5 million pixels

Water tank volume



Android specifications

operating system

Android 5.1

language support


Processor type


Memory LPDDDR3




USB Debug port

Micro USB interface

Display screen

7 inch, IPS screen (16: 9) resolution 1024X600

External I/O port

1 USB 2.0 (MICROUSB), RJ45 network port


4Ω/3W mono speaker

Wireless technology AP6255

Support dual frequency 2.4&5G

WIFI 802.11b/g/n Wireless local area network, 11ac 5.15GHz-5.825GHz

ROS navigation specifications


Laser wavelength 905 nm working area 230°

Single axis gyroscope sensor

Yaw angle measurement

hard disk

32G high-speed solid state drive

motor driven

5.5 inch hub motor

Infrared sensor

Communicate with charging piles within 1 meter

4G router to 2.4GWIFI


512AN_HMW Module Intel WIFI

Support dual frequency 2.4&5G

WIFI&BT4.1 802.11b/g/n Wireless local area network11ac 5.15GHz-5.825GHz

Moving speed

The smallest 0.1 m/s,maximum 1 m/s

Navigation board

Intel Core I5 motherboard

Power system

charging method

Automatic recharge, DC direct charge


Input: 220V Output: 42V--3A (5A optional)

Robot input power

42V--3A(5A Optional)


37 V/10 AH lithium battery(20AH Optional)

Charging pile parameters

Overcurrent protection, intelligent power off, output

rated voltage: 42VDC, output rated current: 3A (5A optional)

Remote function

Support remote video monitoring, remote navigation status monitoring, remote online update

navigation system, Android system


At rest:45dB

Under exercise:50~75dB(Different floor materials are slightly different)

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UM-2020-1 Atomizing Disinfection Robot

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