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Unique Design Vertical/Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber ST2200 (SIZE:22070110cm)

Features of ST2200 Sitting Home Hyperbaric Chamber

1.3ATA(4 psi) mild operating pressure.

Fully covered with nylon cover - Unique 3 zipper seal for air leak prevention.

Designed to add a adjustable folding chair for ultimate comfort.

Emergency valve - To speed the depressurization in emergency.

Delivers 93% oxygen under pressure via an oxygen headset or oxygen mask.

Easy Operation - One people can operate it without assistance.

Internal Pressure Gauge - The user can observe the pressure while inside the chamber.

Big enough for two people use, it can be used by a child accompanied by an adult. People can sit and also plenty of space to lie inside chamber and enjoy hyperbaric oxygen therapy while working or resting.

Details of ST2200 Sitting Chamber

MACY-PAN supply a complete system of macy pan hyperbaric chamber, including hyperbaric capsule, oxygen concentrator, air compressor, and optional air cooler, no need buy anything else.

Specification of ST2200 Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber



Chamber Capsule


1.3ATA (4psi)




220x70x110 cm (88x28x43 inch)





Air Compressor


39x24x26 cm (16x10x11 inch)


Quite &Oil Free Type. Two Super adsorption activated carton filters in air Input and Outlet to protect

Oxygen Concentrator


35x32x57 cm (14x13x23 inch)

Flow Rate

5 Liter/min


PSA Molecular Sieve High Technology. Continuous Oxygen production, no need oxygen tank

Folding Chair (Optional)


Durable and elastic. Can sit or semi-lying inside chamber. Weight: 9kg

Air Cooler (Optional)


23x12x30cm (9x5x12 inch)




Packed in 6 Carton Boxes

Delivery Method

Door to door service is available, delivery by DHL/FedEx/TNT/UPS, very fast and convenient

Delivery Time

5-7 days.

Localisation : Bldg.15, No.899 Guinan Rd, Songjiang Dist, Shanghai, China, 201617 Shanghai,
Personne à contacter : pan macy, 0086 57781696

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Unique Design Vertical/Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber ST2200 (SIZE:22070110cm)

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