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Wearable Thermoplastic Elastomer for Crocs

Quantité : 25kg/bag

  • Provenance:China Thermoplastic Elastomer/Thermoplastic Rubber supplier
  • Trademark:GAINSHINE
  • Model no:GS E4
  • Color:ALL
  • Hardness:35A-85A
  • Proportion:0.35-0.85
  • Processing:plastic for injection molding
  • Packing:Bag Packing
  • Standard:25kg/bag

TPE Product features: Anti-aging,wearable,Non-toxic,Environmentally friendly,antiskid

Quality certification: REACH,ROHS,ISO9001: 2008,SGS,RoHs

100% imported raw materials, safer, more in line with the export standard


Model Hardness Tensile strength Extension elongation Tear strength CLARITY
GS-041A 30A 5 700 20.2 Translucent
GS-042A 40A 6 700 23.7 Translucent
GS-043A 50A 8 700 25.4 Translucent
GS-044A 60A 8 700 35 Translucent
GS-045A 70A 10 700 43.8 Translucent
GS-046D 80A 11 700 45.6 Translucent
ASTM D2240 D412 D624 D412 Translucent

All the raw materials are from USA-KRATON, Japan-KURARAY, Taiwan, Korea-SK and so on.

Thermoplastic Elastomer(TPE) is an injection-molding material which has the characteristics of high elasticity, high strength, high elastic resilience.

Advantages: non-toxic, eco-friendly, wide range of hardness, excellent processing, no vulcanization.TPE not only can conduct second injection molding with PP,PE,PC,PS,ABS and so on, but also can separate molding

Localisation : Building 3, Tangqian Industry, Zhangge, Guanlan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, 518110 Guanlan,
Personne à contacter : Elina Ye, +86 13798223311

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Wearable Thermoplastic Elastomer for Crocs

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