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Quantité : 5000   Prix : 50,00 €

Corps Acier A216 WCB & GS-C25 & 1.0619 & GP240GH - Cartouche inox 304 démontable - Joint Graphite
Bouchon de purge acier
Montage horizontal ou vertical avec fluide descendant
Respecter le sens de passage indiqué sur le corps par une flèche
DIN EN raised-face flange
PN 10-40 DN 15-400
PN 10-40 EN 558-1 Grundreihe 1 (DIN3202-F1)
Y Type Strainer
DIN Standard Y Type Strainer
DIN Y Schmutzfänger
DIN Y Filtro tipo
DIN Y filtr
DIN Standard Y type filter
DIN Standardında Y-Tipi Pislik Tutucu
Lọc Y chuẩn DIN
ETM Code No. : ETM FIG.T.830,ETM FIG.T.831
This ETM Y type strainer can be used in Industry, Power stations, Flue gas purification plant, processing technology, gas supply,
vapor facilities, thermal oil applications, recycling facilities, vacuum facilities, ammonia, hot water, heating technology, district
heating, cooling and freezing systems, general plant manufacturing, steam systems.
ETM-FIGURE T-BS/EN Standard Y type strainer PN 16 Bar with Flanges According to DIN EN 1092-1
ETM-FIGURE T-BS/EN Standard Y type strainer PN 25 Bar with Flanges According to DIN EN 1092-1
ETM-FIGURE T-BS/EN Standard Y type strainer PN 40 Bar with Flanges According to DIN EN 1092-1
ETM-FIGURE T-BS/EN Standard Y type strainer PN 16 Bar with Butt Weld Ends According to DIN EN 12627
ETM-FIGURE T-BS/EN Standard Y type strainer PN 25 Bar with Butt Weld Ends According to DIN EN 12627
ETM-FIGURE T-BS/EN Standard Y type strainer PN 40 Bar with Butt Weld Ends According to DIN EN 12627
Material Equivalence:
EN Material Name----- ----- ----- ----- ---EN Number ----- ----- --Forgings----- ----- ----- --ASTM Material----- ----- ----- ----Forgings
EN 10213 GP240GH----- ----- ----- ----- -1.0619----- ----- ----- ---1.0460----- ----- ----- --ASTM A216 WCB----- ----- ----- --A105
EN 10213 G20Mo5----- ----- ----- ----- ---1.6220----- ----- ----- ---1.0437----- ----- ----- --ASTM A352 LCB----- ----- ----- ---A352 LF2
EN 10213 G17CrMo5-5----- ----- ----- ---1.7357----- ----- ----- ---1.7335----- ----- ----- --ASTM A217 WC6----- ----- ----- --A182 F11
EN 10213 G17CrMo9-10----- ----- ----- -1.7379----- ----- ----- ---1.7380 ----- ----- ----- -ASTM A217 WC9----- ----- ----- --A182 F22
EN 10213 GX5CrNi19-10----- ----- ----- -1.4308----- ----- ----- ---1.4301----- ----- ----- --ASTM A351 CF8----- ----- ----- --A182 F304
EN 10213 GX5CrNi19-11-2----- ----- ---1.4408 ----- ----- ----- --1.4401----- ----- ----- --ASTM A351 CF8M----- ----- ----- -A182 F316
Cast steel PN16, PN25,PN40 DN15 to DN500
Length DIN EN 558-1,face to face series 1 (DIN3202 series F1)
BB,Bolted Bonnet
Europe type screen
Screen in special material
Discharge valve
Drain plug
Standard: Steam, gases, hot water, thermal fluids, hot oil, process water, etc.
Stainless Steel: Process water, aggressive media, etc.
Requirements and testing:
The test are carried out according to DIN EN12266-1
Shell test : nominal pressure (PN)X1.5
Certificate of conformity in according to with PN-EN10204
Design according to PN-EN12516-2
Valves have been submitted for appraisal of conformity according to the directive pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC.
Y-Strainer can be installed at any position but you should as are the screen is downwards.
Direction of flow see body mark
Butt-Welded according to EN12627,flanged according to EN1092-1 or to customer request
Face to face dimensions according to DIN EN 558-1,face to face series 1 (DIN3202 series F1)
Self-acting, by pressure of medium
The valves manufactured and sold by ETM ARMATUREN.
ETM strive on providing full package of industrial valve solution to client, focus on industrial valve manufacture, development, sales and services. ETM created an individual, characterized valve market. Products are widely applied in oil gas, chemical, electric power, shipping, mining, water treatment, industrial system etc.
Our company located in Oubei Town ,Wenzhou city ,ETM takes "A Europe Standard Quality's Chinese Valve Manufacturer"as our development tenet and we are an endless way to pursue the marvelous quality as ETM quality policy, contemporarily manage in mode of scientific production, win in quality and slender profit supplement with the superior equipment, advanced manufacturing technology, ISO9001 certificate, complete inspection instruments as well as the most optimum distribution of human resources. Modernized joint-venture management mode guarantees the manufacturing technology and the excellent human resources, which perfect our quality, price and service systems. ETM valves, therefore, shares the reliance and reputable reputation from the domestic and the overseas.
ETM products including:
DIN Standard Bellows sealed stop valves (Straight-Through Type)
DIN Standard Bellows Sealed Stop Valves (Angle Type)
DIN Standard Long Life-Heavy Duty Bellows Sealed Stop Valves
DIN Standard Gland Packing Globe Valves ( Straight-Through Type)
DIN Standard Gland Packing Globe Valves (Angle Type)
DIN Standard F4 Gate valves (Length DIN EN 558-1,face to face series 14)
DIN Standard F5 Gate Valves (Length DIN EN 558-1,face to face series 15)
DIN Standard F7 Gate Valves (Length DIN EN 558-1,face to face series 26)
DIN Standard Swing Check Valves (Length DIN EN 558-1,face to face series 48 & series 1)
DIN Standard Lift Check Valves
DIN Standard Y Type Strainer
Furthermore we can manufacture and process the specifical valve upon customer's request.
ETM all valves comply to Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/(PED),CE Marking.

Localisation : RAISMES, 59590 Henri Durre,
Personne à contacter : ETM ETM, 86 577 67953935

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