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Within Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, Haiwei Plaza is a piece of land out of print. It's the first professional building which is the only multi-functional integrated plaza for cross-border e-commerc , duty-free shop, international trade ,storage, office, exhibition, business , logistics and commerce use in free trade zone , Ranking as the 5th of the world's largest cargo handling capacity harbors with deep water, Mature supervision system of Customs and inspection & Quarantine Bureau; providing efficient and convenient services for normal business operation, developers can direct sale, Investor will be provided all benefits of this platform,which have great appreciation of space about investment for self-use.

1. National Strategy
The project is Entire allocated in the central of the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade
Zone (inside The Port Free Trade Zone),0.5 km away from Tianjin Xingang Port
(Ranking as the 4th of the world's largest cargo handling capacity harbours
with deep water), Special Customs Supervision Zone. Here is meeting the National
Developing Strategies of “Free Trade Zone”, “Jing-Jin-Ji Integration”, “One
Belt and One Road”, and “Internet Plus”.

2. Preferential Policy
Enjoying the bonded trade, Personal Postal Articles Tax of Cross-Border E-
Commerce, and tax exemption of Free Trade Zone beneficial policies. It would be
met the needs of Cross-Border E-Commerce Platform, exhibiting and sale company,
office, storage, bonded trade, and Re-export and Re-allocating Center.

3. Investment Value
It is the unique rare resource in Tianjin Free Trade Zone,full various
supporting,developer direct sale, clear property right,and having a huge rage
of Value-Added in personal use.

4 Flexible Cooperation Model
10% or more of the equity transfer, Co-operation, sharing operating results,
sharing appreciation
Welcome elite groups worldwide to move in. for further information please contact Emma.

Localisation : No.129, the tenth HaiBin road, free trade zone, tanggu district, 300457 TianJin,
Personne à contacter : yang xin, +0086 022 66273391

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