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Electronic RFIC card hotel locks supply from Chinese factory

Quantité : 10000PCS   Prix : to be negotiated


-Working power supply: DC 6V Four pieces of 1.5V alkaline cell

-Quiescent current: T5577< micriamp Mifare 1<30 microamp</p>

-Working temperature: 0~70℃ -Induction distance: 0-30mm

-Induction door thickness: ≥38mm,including wooden door,anti-theft door and side by side door

-Undervoltage instructions: when power is less than 4.8V,red light will shine and buzzer will issue alarm sounds if you open the door.At this moment,doors also can be opended for 200 times.

-Records capacity: T5577 card(200 times).Mifare 1 card(1000 times)

Characteristics of electronic RFIC card hotel locks :

1. Metal structure, solid and durable;

2. Micro-motors which ensure 500,000 running times without problem;

3. Using Holland PHILIPS or America ATMEL chips for PCB, stable and durable;

4. International standard five latches lock which pass the testing of 300,000 times.

5. Anti-technology opening cylinder and computer keys endow door lock with higher burglarproof ability;

6. Hotel lock management software can be connected with the reception desk of management system of Germany Fidelio company;

7. Current latest 992 pcs unlocking records can be stored in the chip of door lock, even the mechanical keys opening record without exception;

8. Normal-open state can be set for meeting.

9.Perfect key card management and clear authority. There are Master Card, Building card,Floor Card, Guest card, Emergency card. Hotel managers can modify the authority of each card according to actual need at any time.

10. Mechanical key Equipped with spare mechanical key make sure the door unlocking in emergency; It can be made into one key for one door or one key for all doors.

Installed Diagram

Lock install.jpg

How do RF electronic hotel locks work?

Every lock has a specific ID that can only be changed with special device that is connected to the lock directly. The cards are only programmed that way that there is a date until they are valid for being used as key, so if you steal a card and try to use it after the time of booking, the lock denies access even if the card has worked before simply because the date passed until it's been declared as being valid.

Using a regular card-reader/-writer the values are secured using cryptographic techniques like signatures and/or encryption.

Company introduction:

Shenzhen Gxway Intelligent Technology Co Ltd is a member of the Gxway Group.

Shenzhen Gxway Intelligent Technology is a diverse and innovative high-tech company, with many years of experience. We are dedicated to the manufacture of electronic intelligent locks, under the brand name of LANGBOS. Our world renowned products include: RF hotel electronic lock, sauna lock, password lock, IC card lock, fingerprint locks, safes and ancillary products.

Our production line

production line.jpg


1.One-year warranty.

If the lock cannot work within one year period( man-made improper factors are not included). Parts and software solution will be offered with cost price after 1 year warranty.

Why Choose Us?

1. We are RF electronic hotel lock manufacturer since 2005.

2. Prompt Feedback: within 24 hours.

3. Self-made lock and software, can be adjustble for your special requirements.

4. OEM/ODM Service offered

5. Delivery in time.

6. Resonable price with good after-sale service.

Welcome to Gxway in shengzhen of china !

Localisation : Rm# B802,NiuLanQian Building, MinZhi Rd,LongHua District,Shenzhen, China, 518113 Shenzhen,
Personne à contacter : holly yang, 86 755 327875688

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Electronic RFIC card hotel locks supply from Chinese factory

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